How bitcoin and blockchain technology can change lifes in Africa

The blockchain is an undeniably innovative invention – the brainchild of a person or corporation of people recognized with useful resource of the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. Considering the reality that then, it has advanced into some thing extra, and the principle query every single man or woman is looking is: How can bitcoin and the blockchain technology help in poverty eradication in Africa? Is Mass adoption of Bitcoin in Africa the solution to the continents financial problems?

What is Blockchain?

The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of financial transactions that may be programmed to file not simply economic transactions but clearly everything of price. Blockchain generation created the backbone of a brand new kind of net.Originally devised for the digital Forex. Bitcoin has been known as “digital gold” for a splendid motive. To date, the market cap of the digital currency is over $46 billion.

How can blockchain and bitcoin change life in third world countries?

Most citizens in the third world countries live below a dollar. They make a living doing arable farming. The majority of the third world citizen are unbanked. Because of this, third world countries like Kenya have experienced a boom in mobile banking with Mpesa leading the way. Bitcoin and block chain technology will change lives in third world banking by providing a bank for the unbanked and in the process, relinquishing power from the wealthy few and giving it back to the people.

The block chain technology is going to rip apart conventional money transfer groups to help lessen the poverty.Bitcoin continues transforming  lives round the world . Bitcoin and blockchain technology are offering a solution to the low and middle class citizens who have access to basic internet. Through some African bitcoin start-ups like bitpesa , the African countries have been exposed to International trade through faster and cheaper money remittance globally hence reducing the cost and time of doing business.

Cryptocurrency is the solution, Africa needs. How do you’ve got entry to credit score when you don’t actually have a financial institution account? The answer isn’t some distance-fetched. The situation is worse when inclined human beings like the destitute,needy,poor and ladies are involved. According to the Zimbabwe Independent Newspaper, 73% of humans dwelling in rural Zimbabwe are destitute.In reality,30 percent of the above discern are extremely bad. The fact is that most of those rural parents eke out a dwelling tilling the land. A few are in reality, being able to mechanise their operations in order to make farming activities business. Accessing the billions dollar allowance passes to Africa in reality has sizable attraction additionally sought to draw clients to bitcoin via the use of undercutting the high prices of worldwide coins transfers.

In conclusion

Many regions of Africa,extended manner in developing cellular coins fee structures that deliver the hazards to enter into formal monetary machine. A small organization of customers,chiefly in Nigeria,Kenya and South Africa,exchange speculatively in bitcoin through online foreign exchange websites. Supporters of Bitcoin in the continent say it’d draw a step in addition, even though it calls for a global network connection which greater than three-fourths of Africans do no longer have yet. For now,Africa’s bitcoin lovers are set to maintain on trading. Terrific promotions in the areas like South Africa and Nigeria is seen and it will wave to other African people too.

Bitcoin has proven to be the excellent-acting currency in the world.With this in mind, we can conclude that bitcoin has a the power to transform Africa and other third world countries.  Lets all push for massive bitcoin adoption in Africa and make Africa great again.

Author: Victor Cosmus
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