Reasons why you should invest in bitcoin now.

 Thinking of investing? Think Bitcoin

This is a changing world, a system guided with technological advances. Bitcoin has become the major cryptocurrency. Which makes it an investment hub for every business minded individual.  The reaping is purported to be great. In 2015, bitcoin prices were ranging from $300-$400. But, what is the current price of a bitcoin? Getting a bitcoin at the moment means having $2700 in pocket! Someone who invested in the bitcoin in 2015 should be rejoicing. Its growth has been great. Let me give you reasons why you need to think investing in Bitcoins.

Bitcoins is not controlled by any economy!!

The future still seems bright for the cryptocurrency. Advantageously, the price of the bitcoin is not affected by the economic waves. With most of the markets recently struggling to recover from an economic ditch, the bitcoin has proved to remain resilient to the economic uncertainty. One has no reason to worry like in the case of increased unemployment rates in the US.

Bitcoin is becoming a major currency!   

Some major organizations and countries have embraced the currency. 2017 has seen Japan and Philippines legalize the use of Bitcoin in their regions. Some of Japan’s well established organizations have already started accepting payments in form of Bitcoin currency. Bic Camera, a company with great influence over the Japanese market is such of a company, accepting payments in form of Bitcoin. The future of the Bitcoin is great. It is growing stronger and stronger. Initially, one could not have thought it to be used by countries and organizations, but now it is clear that it is being used in all the economic levels.

The Coins are Non-inflationary

I see a future where companies shall mainly be using the Bitcoin. The currency has many advantages when compared to the usual currencies like the USD and Pound. The currency is fast, chargeback free, non-inflationary, private and secure. With the technological advances, soon all the society levels shall be embracing it. Its growth is expected to be maintained. It is a field worth investing in. I can call it a home of riches, invest and wait, tomorrow is brighter.  For more information about how the asset has performed over the past few years, check out this article “the future of bitcoins”


Author: Victor Cosmus
Victor Cosmus is a web developer and designer, writer and a passionate musician who loves to travel often. He's worked as a researcher for a number of venture capital firms.

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  • While these problems were far more prevalent in years past, it should still be mentioned that none of the bitcoin exchanges have yet established a long business track record.

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