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In the last post, we saw some reasons why you should invest in bitcoins. In case you missed, you can check out the post here. The first step of investing in bitcoins is purchasing them. Readers have been inquiring about the best platforms which they can buy Bitcoins in Kenya. In a few days, I will compile different websites which can give you the best experience as a buyer. I will summarize reasons which I feel will leave you smiling as a buyer and satisfied as a customer; I will give you the reason to buy from these platforms. I will also highlights my experiences with some sellers whom I am confident, if you buy from them, next day you will leave me a cup of beer J. In this post, I will explain to you how to buy bitcoin in Kenya from

How to buy bitcoin in Kenya


If I was to rank the best bitcoin buying platforms, then local bitcoins will remain on top of the list. The platform was founded in June 2012 by Jeremias Kangas, and implemented its escrow services by the end of 2012. It remains to be one of the oldest platforms when it comes to buying and selling of bitcoins.

But, why rank local Bitcoins as the best platform? Their escrow services, fast and friendly sellers, protection of buyer’s privacy, and high security levels which gives buyers confidence, are some of reasons why I feel localbitcoins remains the best.

Escrow service

Local bitcoins offers escrow service that projects both the buyer and the seller. Their escrow service holds the specific amount of coins you would wish to purchase for approximately 60 minutes, thus giving the buyer enough time to make payments. You will never have to worry about your money again.

Fast and friendly sellers

if you would wish to interact with friendliest sellers, then visit localbitcoins. The sellers are very fast, friendly and understanding with customers being their first priority.

Your security and privacy are their priority

you do not have to worry about being hacked when dealing with local bitcoins. The website is equipped with very strong firewalls with high encryption to ensure that your coins are safe in their online wallets.

Besides, it gives the buyer an advantage to choose among more than ten sellers. Mate, you are protected from customer exploitation and discrimination.

 Are you confused who is the best seller?

I have interacted and even bought from almost all sellers in localbitcoins. Their services are commendable and encouraging, however, Bitbizke and Bitcoinkenya will remain the best sellers in this platform. Their more than three years’ seller experience will give you confidence while purchasing from them. Leave that alone, look at their reviews! I won’t be wrong to call them the parents of localbitcoins since they have satisfied more than 3000 customers, why not you? If you need leet services, then I dare you purchase from these two elite sellers. The best seller will give you the best services.


I will be back tomorrow with  as another marvelous bitcoin buying platform.

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