Is Digibyte the future of cryptocurency?

The technology of blockchain has brought in new excitements among new investors. we are currently bearing witness to the revolution of blockchain technology in the manner we send and keep money either in Bitcoin, litecoin, Digibyte among others, and one thing we should have in mind is the fact that the gaming industry could be the next big thing, that everybody should be on the look out for.
This name Digibyte was selected referring to the future hopes and for the fact that its related to megabyte but Digibyte is purposely meant for the digital currency. It was created in the year 2014 having little to completely zero fanfare. The Digibyte currency entered the market and started trading at very low satoshi levels and immediately increased as a result of the creation of Digishield, used by the Dogecoin among other script pow coins so far.

Digibyte has been credited so far by a very high number of alt communities. This is because of having a team of completely adept developers whose main focus is to serve the interests of the community. The team of developers maintains a silent presence in most social media in comparison to their competitors but on the other hand, they are always working hard to ensure that they improve their currency as well as ensure they support their daily users.
Currently, Digibyte coin has been listed in almost nine digital currency exchange sites and so far it has managed to acquire approximately 14 mining pools and a market cap of $314,847,335 . It was created to be completely limited in terms of quantity when considered in a market cap of 21 billion that represented in 1000:1 ratio in comparison to the famous Bitcoin. The figure was selected while having hopes that it would end up easing the integration into merchant payment and hence creating a liquid currency so far.

Recent progresses

DGB publicized their plan through Twitter to ensure that their community is updated on what is new. This tweet won a huge number of responses from both Digibyte community and also other communities who are related to other currencies. This led to an increase buying in the exchange leading to an increase from the earlier 35 to 80 satoshi. The team ended up revealing an updated wallet together with video tutorials and the awaited news that changing to Digibyte algorithm.

With the current increase in mass media platforms attention, Digibyte community is highly anticipating for an increase in their investors’ number together with merchant integration. They have come up with a kit to be used when promoting the coin this done by Digibyte community to the new investors as well as having hopes of expanding and increasing the investors’ confidence. Many are currently joining Digibyte also others are referred by their friends who are already members of the Digibyte community.

Currently, the Digibyte community is eagerly anticipating for new announcements to be released by the developers. Main changes to the Digibyte algorithm as well as the increases in the merchant integration is expected to be outlined in future. But the main question we should ask ourselves, does Digibyte have the scalability, speed and security to be the future of cryptocurrency? For more insightful posts, follow my blog

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