To be in complete control of your altcoins, you need a wallet that gives you the control of your private keys. There are several wallets for different cryptocurencies, but if you are a seasoned cryptotrader like me, you own several cryptocurrencies. Having a different wallet for every crypto you own is not practical. Here is where Coinomi comes in.Right now, you have bought several cryptocurencies, you have made a great investment decision, but is your investment secure? Storing cryptocurrenies in exchanges is not good thing. You might think that by enabling a two-factor authentication  you have secured your investment, but that’s not the case. You don’t have the private key to the wallet. This means that you don’t own the actual altcoins, what you own is just a number displayed on your exchange dashboard. The exchanges store your bitcoins for you.

Coinomi is A secure wallet, dedicated to keep your coins safe, the wallet protects you from hacking with very heavy encryption and is readily available in your pocket through its mobile Apps. Coinomi is one of the greatest multi crypto online wallet. The code of this wallet, is an open source with private keys being secured in your device. At the moment, the coinomi wallet is available for android devices, however, development team is dedicated at making it possible for those Apple iOS users.

4 reasons why coinomi is the best cryprocurrency wallet

The wallet is very secure

The private keys for this wallet do not leave the owner’s device. The developers make sure that your money is safe with strong encryption firewalls and a master password. No more stress concerning hackers and malicious software.

Enhanced Privacy

This wallet ensures that your real world identity is not linked with your wallet, your funds, or even your transactions. The wallet also hides your IP address from the rest of the world when pushing transactions to the blockchain. Complete anonymous is their goal.

A one time back up

All your coins are usually linked to one Hierarchical Deterministic wallet (BIP44), thus solving the problem to back up every wallet. All you have to do mate, is write your back up phrase at a safe place. All time back up plan!


This wallet makes it possible to use your altcoins to pay directly to any bitcoin address. Coinomi singles out intermediate stages, enabling users to spend any-coins to make any-coins payment with only one button process! It remains the fastest and the safest wallet for heterogeneous payments.

Even though a mobile or web wallet is not as secure as a hardware, Coinomi gives you the ability to store multple cryptocurencies without having to download a single wallet for every altcoin and token. You can download the Coinomi wallet here

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