5 cryptocurrencies you should have in your portfolio

Don’t you wish for a time machine to land you on February 14, 2011 and buy thousands of bitcoins if not millions? Then wait for only a couple of months, sell them off and make a million-dollar profit! Yeah, we all do. Disappointedly we can’t get back, however, what we can do; is making a smart investment rather than regretting. This series of article complies top 5 cryptocurrencies you should have in your portfolio

Dash, formerly known as XCoin or Dark coin. Dash, is an open source peer to peer form of cryptocurrency, which aims at ensuring instant transactions, decentralized governance, and private transactions. This coin utilizes a two tier network for InstantSend and PrivateSend.

July 11, 2014, Dash had a market capitalization of $29,989,685 with approximate value of $299,849 coins in the market. However, this market cap has short up to $1,063,571,974.13 with approximately 7.43 Million coins circulating in the market, as per July 17, 2017. The more than 35X increase in the market cap of Dash, echoes the increased acceptance and usage of the cryptocurrency. You can view Dash inflation schedule hehereand a script developed by Dash Core team predicting inflation until the year 2225.

The white paper fulfils all features needed in a cryptocurrency. Instant transactions which are completely anonymous is what Dash aims at. PrivateSend, which is a coin mixing service based on CoinJoin, give the sender a complete anonymous transaction. This allows masternodes to submit transactions using DSTX, thus providing the user with additional privacy.

Look at the core team. Members of this team will give you confidence as an investor. That does not mean that the core team is perfect but it is a strong team that has proven to be effective at delivering innovations. The likes of Ryan Taylor, Fernando Gutierrez, Robert Wiecko, Evan Duffield, Andy Freer, moocowmoo, Holger Schinzel, among others have proven to be an effective team aimed at making Dash the perfect coin. Unlike other cryptocurrencies’ core team, the team seems interested in advancing the coin, censoring opponents, trolling contributors of other projects rather than engaging in Reddit fights.

Besides, we have all witnessed the effective voting based governance mechanism which facilitates operations of Dash core team. This voting system enables the management to make key decisions affecting the network quickly and without unnecessary fights. In fact, Dash latest software update took only 100 hours for miners to update, compared with months or years for new features in other cryptocurrency. Dash settled a debate on the size of its block in 24 hours however, the same debate has been going on Bitcoin for a couple of years.

Self sustainable development. The current development team is paid from the blockchain directly this makes it possible for maintaining decentralization of the project in any case that Core team are voted out of a funding unlike other cryptocurrencies. Watch out for the next part of “5 cryptocurrencies you should have in your portfolio” and visit our homepage to buy bitcoin and any cryptocurrency of your choice.

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